Purple Flowers Climbing Plant: 14 Gorgeous Species To Transform Your Garden

Looking for a dreamy purple flowers climbing plant to upgrade your garden? We’ve got up 14 options for you to explore!

purple flowers climbing plant

Imagine the breathtaking sight of climbing vines adorned with a profusion of purple flowers gracing your garden.

The luxurious and dreamy effect created by the mix of blue and red, with lilac and violet hues in between, is unmatched.

Whether adorning your gate, porch, arbor, gazebo, or front wall, vines and climbers with purple or lilac-colored blossoms will infuse vibrant energy into your outdoor space.

At The Little Garden, we have curated a selection of stunning annuals and perennials vines and climbers with purple blooms, each with its own unique beauty and charm, suitable for various soil types, sunlight conditions, and climates.

Join us on this journey as we explore these 14 beautiful additions to your garden, and discover their ideal bloom time and landscaping ideas for planting.

1: Japanese Wisteria ‘Royal Purple’ (Wisteria floribunda ‘Royal Purple’)

purple flowers climbing plant

Wisteria is renowned for its spectacular beauty, and the Japanese variety ‘Royal Purple’ is no exception.

This flowering climber, adorned with drooping tresses of violet purple flowers, is a sight to behold.

The finely textured foliage, composed of pinnate bright green leaves, adds to its charm.

Japanese wisteria ‘Royal Purple’ is the show-stopping star of any garden, offering shade, texture, and a touch of elegance.

2: Bengal Clock Vine (Thunbergia grandiflora)

purple flowers climbing plant

Bengal clock vine brightens gardens with its exotic and showy flowers.

Ranging from blue to pale lilac, with various shades of purple in between, these blooms will captivate your senses.

The emerald green, heart-shaped leaves provide a perfect backdrop.

Bengal clock vine is ideal for tropical, Mediterranean, and Hispanic-inspired gardens, as well as gravel and urban designs.

3: ‘Amethyst’ Passion Flower (Passiflora ‘Amethyst’)

purple flowers climbing plant

Passion flowers are known for their complex and exotic-looking blooms, and ‘Amethyst’ is no exception.

With its bright shades of violet and magenta, this cultivar stands out.

The generous number of blossoms it produces each day is truly remarkable.

‘Amethyst’ also offers edible fruits and attractive foliage, making it a must-have for your garden.

4: Prairie Rose (Rosa setigera)

purple flowers climbing plant

Prairie rose is a natural and climbing rose variety that adds a touch of elegance to your garden.

Its flat, single blooms start off as pastel lavender purple and gradually fade into a pale violet blue as they mature.

The golden yellow central stamens add a beautiful contrast.

Prairie rose is perfect for naturalistic and cottage gardens, providing a wild and bushy appearance.

5: Purple Bell Vine (Rhodochiton Astrosanguineum)

purple flowers climbing plant

Purple bell vine is an exotic and marathon bloomer, showcasing bell-shaped and nodding flowers in a bright magenta purple shade.

These flowers change to rose red after pollination, ensuring weeks of continuous blooming.

The heart-shaped leaves with purple edges add to its appeal. Purple bell vine brings an exotic touch and long-lasting brightness to any garden.

6: ‘Ben Jammin’ Fuchsia (Fuchsia ‘Ben Jammin’)

purple flowers climbing plant

Fuchsias, although not true vines, can be trained to climb and are becoming increasingly popular.

With a range of purple shades, they are a stunning addition to any garden.

‘Ben Jammin’ features rich velvet purple crowns and striking magenta outer tepals.

The fine foliage and beautiful blooms make for a fresh and bright effect.

7: Purple Wreath Vine (Petrea volubilis)

purple flowers climbing plant

Purple wreath vine is a tropical plant with long inflorescences adorned with star-shaped violet purple flowers.

The unique petal arrangement, with deeper and more saturated shades at the center, makes it truly eye-catching.

The dark green, oblong leaves complete the picture. Add a touch of the exotic to your garden with this lesser-known vine.

8: ‘Cupani’ Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus ‘Cupani’)

purple flowers climbing plant

Sweet peas, known for their amazing blooms, offer a delightful display of colors.

‘Cupani’ features dark magenta to jam purple upper tepals, complemented by iris purple violet lower parts.

These fragrant flowers will grace your garden from spring to frost, while the fresh green foliage provides the perfect backdrop. ‘

Cupani’ is ideal for walls, trellises, and fences, especially in cooler regions.

9: Bush Clock Vine (Thunbergia erecta)

purple flowers climbing plant

Bush clock vine, a close relative of Bengal clock vine, boasts richer and deeper shades of purple violet.

The small but energetic blooms, with their golden yellow mouths, create a striking contrast.

The dense and bright green foliage sets off the vibrant purple flowers beautifully.

Bush clock vine is perfect for natural-looking gardens, fences, trellises, and walls.

10: ‘Kniola’s’ Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea ‘Kniolas Black’)

purple flowers climbing plant

Morning glories are beloved annual climbers, known for their trumpet-shaped blooms.

‘Kniola’s’ showcases deep velvet purple flowers with violet undertones and plum purple rays that lead to a bright lime to canary yellow center.

These showy blooms open daily on lush green foliage, attracting butterflies, pollinators, and hummingbirds.

‘Kniola’s’ morning glory is a versatile addition to informal gardens.

11: ‘Rosemoor’ Early Large Flowering Clematis (Clematis ‘Rosemoor’)

purple flowers climbing plant

Clematis varieties offer a range of purple shades, but ‘Rosemoor’ stands out for its pure, rich, and bright purple blooms.

The large star-shaped flowers, with their velvety texture, are truly captivating.

‘Rosemoor’ thrives in shade and blooms for an extended period, making it a delightful addition to your garden. Its light green foliage serves as the perfect backdrop.

12: Purple Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)

purple flowers climbing plant

Purple passionflower is a vine that boasts a big purple theme in its blooms.

The shiny magenta violet outer petals open up and bend backward, revealing the intricate filaments in striking shades.

The dark green foliage, with its three-lobed leaves, adds to the exotic appeal.

Purple passionflower adapts well to cooler climates, bringing a touch of the tropics to your garden.

13: ‘Purple Queen’ Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea ‘Purple Queen’)

purple flowers climbing plant

Bougainvillea is a vigorous and colorful vine that can transform any space.

‘Purple Queen’ features bracts in a vibrant shade of purple that cover walls, gates, and entire buildings, creating a dazzling display.

With its lush foliage, this low-maintenance vine fills gaps even when not in bloom, adding a vibrant touch to your garden.

14: Brazilian Dutchman’s Pipe (Aristolochia gigantea)

purple flowers climbing plant

Lastly, we present the giant Dutchman’s pipe, a captivating tropical climber that leaves a lasting impression.

Although the flowers are not the main attraction, it’s the modified leaves that steal the spotlight.

Sporting an intense bright purple shade with light magenta lines, these leaves resemble elegant and artistic embroidery on velvet.

The foliage is lush and broad, adding to the vine’s exotic look.

Brazilian Dutchman’s pipe is a true crown jewel for any garden, becoming an instant conversation starter among gardeners.

Final Thoughts

purple flowers climbing plant

With so many gorgeous purple flowering vines and climbers to choose from, it’s difficult to pick a favorite.

Each offers its own unique beauty and charm, allowing you to create a captivating oasis. So, which one will grace your garden? The choice is yours!