Can Succulents Stay Outside in Rain

It’s the rainy season!

can succulents stay outside in rain

Can succulents stay outside in rain? These jade-alike plants are indeed sparklingly beautiful with drops of water.

But the concept of leaving succulents out in the rain might seem uncertain.

Succulent enthusiasts know that the rainy season can pose a challenge, especially for more delicate varieties like Echeveria, Crassula, or Kalanchoe.

These types are more sensitive to moisture compared to others. But fret not, there are several ways to protect your succulents during this time.

Can Succulents Stay Outside in Rain?

can succulents stay outside in rain

Succulents are like rain-shy friends—best when it’s not pouring cats and dogs.

As the type of plants which thrive in alpine and arid ecosystems, they aren’t huge fans of excessive water, as too much can make their roots soggy and grumpy.

To keep them happy and healthy, use fast-draining sandy soil or plant them in a raised bed with good drainage.

If you give them the right setup, these little guys will stay beautiful and charming, rain or shine. 

Alright, picture this: You’re all set to plant succulents outside, but your place gets its fair share of rain.

can succulents stay outside in rain

So, here’s the deal – these succulents are all about that juicy succulence. They dig dry conditions and aren’t huge fans of tons of water.

But leaving them in the rain? Technically, they’re cool with it!

On the other hand, heavy downpours and extended rain might not bode well for these plants.

In this case, your best bet is to grow them in pots or containers, which allows you to shift them indoors conveniently when the rain gets harsh. 

What to Do when My Succulents Get Wet in the Rain?

1. Cover up your succulents

Whether your succulents are planted in the ground or in pots, covering them can provide crucial protection.

You can use an umbrella (preferably with a strong base), a tent, a tarp, or a UV plastic or polycarbonate sheet.

These covers will shield your plants from excessive water, reducing the risk of root rot.

can succulents stay outside in rain

2. Improve airflow

Moist conditions can lead to fungal infections in succulents. Enhancing airflow can minimize this risk and increase their chances of survival during the rain.

Elevating in-ground succulents by about 5 to 6 inches, creating small trenches for wind movement, and ensuring proper drainage in potted succulents are effective ways to improve airflow and prevent excess moisture.

3. Prune your succulents

Regularly checking your succulents and removing any dead leaves or stems can prevent rot after rainfall.

Moisture trapped beneath or around succulents can create a favorable environment for bacteria.

Pruning infected parts helps prevent this from happening.

Remember to use gardening gloves when handling and garden tweezers for pruning spiky cacti.

can succulents stay outside in rain

4. Choose the right pots

For succulents in pots, it’s crucial to use porous containers. Plastic pots retain moisture and humidity, increasing the risk of rot and pest infestation.

Terracotta and clay-based pots allow for better moisture evaporation, reducing the likelihood of root or leaf rot.

Consider using these breathable materials for your outdoor succulents during the rainy season.

5. Stay informed about the weather forecast

Being aware of upcoming weather conditions enables you to make necessary arrangements for your succulents in advance.

Stay prepared and protect your plants accordingly.

Remember, succulents with a white or bluish silver coating called epicuticular wax, or farina, repel water during the rainy season.

Avoid touching this protective layer, as it can accidentally get brushed away, leaving the plant vulnerable to sunburn and root rot.

can succulents stay outside in rain

Quick Tips to Dry Succulents:

  1. Pour out excess water from pots without drainage holes by tipping the pot to help the soil dry out quicker.
  2. Empty collected water from the pot’s saucer after heavy rain to prevent your succulents from sitting in wet conditions for too long.
  3. Wipe or remove pooled water from succulent leaves after a downpour to minimize the risk of rot.
  4. Move potted succulents to a sunny spot and remove covers from ground-planted succulents to aid faster drying.

You might be surprised to see your succulents looking extra bright and vibrant after a good rainfall.

Succulents Still Love Rain

Rain does wonders for them! It gives them much-needed minerals, washes away dust that hinders their photosynthesis, flushes out salt and harmful chemicals from tap water, and even provides essential nitrogen during electrical storms.

It’s weird but hey, it’s true: lightning can actually nourish plants!

If you’re eyeing the rainy forecast as a chance to water your plants naturally (I am!), consider collecting rainwater in buckets for your indoor and even-covered outdoor succulents.

Before the rain, shift your potted plants to soak in the goodness of the downpour, but remember to return them once the storm passes to avoid sunburn or frost exposure (my mistake hard learned).

can succulents stay outside in rain

Final Thoughts

By applying these pointers, you’ll shield your beloved succulents during the rainy season, fostering their health and growth.

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Happy gardening with succulents!