How to Propagate Angel Wings Begonia: A Simple Water Method

Have no idea how to propagate angel wings begonia? You’re in the right place!

how to propagate angel wings

This blog is all about multiplying the stunning polka dots plant, which practically is more than a breeze to propagate. Why? This article will soon discuss!

How To Propagate Angel Wings

Angel wing Begonia cuttings root super fast and it’s a breeze to do!

You can either start fresh new plants or pop them right in with the parent plant to make it extra lush. A note of warning (These guys grow like champs!).

Propagation is good to go any time of year, but spring or early summer is prime time when everything is growing like crazy.

The warmer weather and longer days give those cuttings the perfect boost they need to thrive. 

So how to propagate Angel Wings by cuttings? As your plant grows, you’ll notice tall shoots emerging. However, these shoots can become leggy, with leaves spaced far apart.

how to propagate angel wings

To combat this, grab sharp, clean hand pruners and carefully cut just above a leaf node.

This trimming will encourage your plant to grow new shoots or stems from the cut location.

Remember, stability is key, so stake the main stem if necessary and provide ample sunshine to prevent leggy growth.

Propagating Angel Wing Begonias in Water

Making more Angel Wing Begonias with water is perhaps the easiest option. In fact, might be too easy you’ll be hooked to do it constantly (I was!).

Just snip a stem and pop it in water, you’ll see the root emerging in no time.

Grab a 4-6 inch cutting with at least one node, clear some leaves from the lower part, and stick it in a jar filled about three-quarters with water.

Let it chill in indirect light, and voila, sprouting in a few weeks. It’s like watching a little plant magic happen!

how to propagate angel wings

The Rapid Growth of New Roots

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the roots of your Begonia Maculata will grow. After just two weeks, you’ll start to see small white roots forming.

One month later, the roots will have taken off, and after two months, they’ll be thriving. It’s incredible how resilient and adaptable these plants are.

Begonia Propagation Made Simple

Propagating polka dot plants or Angel Wing Begonias is a piece of cake! After taking a cutting and placing it in water for a few weeks, you’ll see the roots grow.

The longer you leave the cutting in the water, the more roots it will develop. Keep an eye out for not only roots but also the emergence of beautiful new leaves.

Soon, you’ll have a new Angel Wing Begonia plant to enjoy!

how to propagate angel wings

Growing Together

These gorgeous plants look even more spectacular when clustered together.

If you’re a fan of Angel Wing Begonias, consider doing multiple cuttings and propagations.

Once the plants have grown, transfer them into one larger pot for a magnificent display.

Imagine the sight of all of them growing and thriving together, forming a larger specimen. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Where to Find Angel Wing Begonias

If you’re looking to add Angel Wing Begonias to your collection, they are becoming more widely available.

how to propagate angel wings

Big Box stores like Home Depot or Lowes may have them, but for a wider variety, check out Etsy.

Amazon also recently started carrying them, although they can be a bit pricey there.

With these simple water propagation techniques, you can easily expand your collection of Angel Wing Begonias.

Enjoy the process of watching roots grow and new plants emerge, adding beauty and charm to your indoor garden. Happy propagating!