Fairy Flowers Plants: Create a Magical Haven with 15 Enchanting Flowers

Spring is here, and it’s time to unleash your creativity and start planting your very own magical garden with fairy flower plants!

To help you create an enchanting haven that attracts fairies and other winged creatures like hummingbirds and butterflies, I’ve compiled a list of enchanting flowers.

Not only will these flowers bring life and beauty to your garden, but they also hold significant meanings that add depth to the fairy folklore.

15 Fairy Flowers Plants For A Magical Garden

1. Columbine

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Deserted Love, Inconstancy, Foolishness

Columbines are known for their tall and elegant appearance.

They attract hummingbirds with their vibrant colors and whimsical, spur-like petals.

Legend has it that these petals resemble a court jester’s hat, bringing a touch of playfulness to your fairy garden.

2. Cowslip

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Comeliness, Winning grace

Cowslips, also called fairy cups, are delicate and dainty flowers that fairies adore.

They are believed to nestle in the drooping bell-shaped flowers.

In Shakespeare’s works, cowslips often appeared as a hiding spot for fairies, adding a touch of magic to the garden.

3. Daisy

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Gentleness, Innocence, Loyal love, Youthful beauty, Cheerfulness

The daisy is the epitome of happiness. Its cheerful presence brings joy to any garden.

These lovely flowers grow tall and create a perfect spot for gnomes to take peaceful naps under their shade.

4. Day Lilies

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Mother

Day lilies symbolize the nurturing and protective energy of a mother. These vibrant flowers add height and a splash of color to your garden effortlessly.

They thrive in sunny locations, making them easy to care for.

5. Ferns

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Sincerity, Magic, Fascination, Confidence, Shelter, Allure

Ferns bring an ancient and mystical vibe to your fairy garden. These plants provide shelter for elves and pixies, so it’s important to treat them with care.

In Russia, ferns that bloom golden at Midsummer are believed to reveal hidden gold when their seeds are cast into the air.

6. Forget Me Nots

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Faithful Love, Memories, True Love forever, Remembrance

Forget Me Nots are tiny flowers that hold great significance. A symbol of true love and memories, these delicate blooms thrive in unexpected places.

By rescuing them from the lawn mower and relocating them to your garden, you create a space that captures the essence of love and remembrance.

7. Foxglove

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Insincerity, Hypocrisy, Falsehood, Stateliness, Youth, Wish

Be cautious with foxgloves as they are poisonous to animals and humans.

However, their undeniable beauty and association with fairies make them a popular choice for fairy gardens.

With their bell-shaped flowers, it’s easy to imagine fairies donning them as hats or even dresses.

8. Impatiens

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Motherly love

Impatiens, also known as busy lizzies, are a garden favorite. Their abundant growth and vibrant colors symbolize the tender love of a mother.

Placing them in circles with a fairy ornament at the center creates an atmosphere of nurturing and care.

9. Iris

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Faith, Wisdom, Valour, Appreciation of Friendship

As the first flowers to bloom in spring, irises welcome fairies back to the garden after the long winter.

Their velvety petals and hints of yellow provide an enchanting resting spot and a hideaway from the rain for fairies.

10. Lady Slippers

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Capricious Beauty, Fickleness

The Showy Lady Slipper is a rare and precious flower.

If you are fortunate enough to find wild lady slippers, it’s best to admire and protect them in their natural habitat.

These captivating flowers hold a Native American legend that tells a story of selfless kindness and reward.

11. Pansy

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Thoughtful Recollection, Modesty, Pleasant thoughts, Reflections

Pansies, popularly known as “Fairy Faced” flowers, are a must-have in any fairy garden.

Their charming appearance and delicate petals reveal tiny faces, inviting the fairies to play.

Throughout history, pansies have been associated with love and enchantment.

12. Peony

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Healing, Happy Marriage, Anger, Indignation, Bashful, Coy

Peonies are breathtaking flowers that bloom in bunches, emitting a fragrant aroma.

These flowers have long been cherished for their beauty and believed to ward off evil spirits.

Just be cautious of their weight, as heavy rain can cause them to topple over.

13. Periwinkle

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Pleasant memory

Periwinkles, with their vine-like growth and delicate bluish/purple flowers, bring a touch of delicacy to your fairy garden.

These flowers have been cherished for their ornamental value and are even associated with Tinker Bell’s sister.

14. Petunia

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Friendship and well-being

No garden is complete without an array of colorful petunias.

These vibrant flowers symbolize friendship and add a brilliant splash of color to any fairy garden.

Their continuous blooming throughout the summer ensures a lively and joyful atmosphere.

15. Pinks

fairy flowers plants

Meaning: Boldness, Fragrance, Domestic love

Pinks, also known as Firewitch Pinks, catch the eye with their bright pink hues.

These magical flowers form round clumps and bloom with numerous petals.

Their bluish foliage adds an intriguing touch to the garden, creating a unique splash of color and fragrance.

Final Thoughts

By incorporating these enchanting flowers into your fairy garden, you create an inviting space that is sure to attract fairies and other winged creatures.

Let your imagination soar and bring the magic of fairies to life right in your own backyard. Happy planting!