Growing Alyssum From Seed: 3 Options To Consider

Growing alyssum from seed is not only a cost-effective choice but also a rewarding experience for any gardener. 

growing alyssum from seed

With its versatility and ability to attract beneficial insects, sweet alyssum is a valuable addition to any raised bed, garden, or pot. 

So, let’s dive into the world of this beautiful annual and discover how to grow it from seed.

The Versatile Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum, scientifically known as lobularia maritima, belongs to the cabbage family and is favored for its delicate blooms and dense growth. 

Whether you want to fill up a container arrangement or create a groundcover or edging plant in your garden, sweet alyssum fits the bill perfectly. 

Its dense growth also helps in keeping weeds at bay, making it an ideal option for those looking to maintain a neat and beautiful garden.

growing alyssum from seed

But sweet alyssum is more than just a filler. These tiny white or purple blooms have the power to attract important beneficial insects to your garden. 

The plant acts as a natural pest control, especially against aphid infestations. Parasitic wasps and syrphid flies are drawn to the pollen and nectar of sweet alyssum and help control aphids in the process. 

The syrphid fly larvae feed on aphids, while the wasps lay eggs in the aphids, effectively managing their population.

Growing Alyssum From Seed Indoors

Take the merit that growing alyssum from seed indoors is a foolproof approach. And you are not confined to any particular variant either. Be it white, mauve, violet, and even peach, they all have the same caring requirements.

Step 1: Choose the date

For optimum sprout changes, you should start the process around 6 to 8 weeks before the last first-free date in your area.

Step 2: Plant the seed

Using a seed tray with cell inserts filled with a seed-starting mix, scatter the tiny seeds without covering them with soil. 

Step 3: Water

Use a plant mister while watering to prevent the seeds from washing away. 

Step 4: Find a suitable place

Place the tray under grow lights or in a bright south-facing window to provide the necessary warmth and light. 

Step 5: Wait for germination

After one to two weeks, the seeds will germinate, and you can remove the humidity dome cover or use a heat mat for assistance. Once the seedlings appear, thin them out so they are about six inches (15 cm) apart.

Growing Alyssum From Seed in the Garden: Where

growing alyssum from seed

Sweet alyssum thrives when planted in sunny and well-draining spots. However, a bit of partial shade is also tolerated. 

Before planting, enrich the area with compost to provide the necessary nutrients. 

Although the seedlings are small, make sure to give them ample space, about eight to twelve inches (20 to 30 cm) apart. This will allow them to grow and spread without overcrowding each other.

Adding Sweet Alyssum to Your Raised Beds

For those who have raised beds, incorporating sweet alyssum is a fantastic idea. Not only does it add visual interest to your garden, but it also attracts pollinators and beneficial insects. 

Its low-growing nature ensures it won’t overshadow any other plants. 

You can tuck the plants in corners or between existing plants, or even let them cascade over the sides of your raised bed. The possibilities are endless!

Growing Sweet Alyssum from Seed: Garden or Pots

growing alyssum from seed

If you don’t have space in your seed-starting setup or simply prefer sowing directly in the garden, you can still enjoy the beauty of sweet alyssum. 

Wait until the spring temperatures have warmed up a bit and all threats of heavy frosts have passed. 

Scatter the seeds on loosened soil without making holes and keep the soil moist until germination occurs, usually in about eight to ten days. 

Lightly misting the soil can help until seedlings appear. Thin the plants to about six inches (15 cm) apart, as they will spread and fill in the gaps.

Don’t worry if the plants go dormant during the heat of summer; they will bounce back to life as temperatures cool in the fall. 

For spring arrangements, consider adding alyssum seeds alongside your bulbs or blooms. 

By the time you’re ready to remove spent plants for your summer arrangement, the sweet alyssum will have filled in beautifully.

growing alyssum from seed

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, growing sweet alyssum from seed is a rewarding and budget-friendly way to add beauty and beneficial insects to your garden. 

Whether you choose to start the seeds indoors or sow them directly in the garden, the result will be a carpet of delicate blooms that will thrill both you and the important visitors to your garden. 

So grab a packet of sweet alyssum seeds and get ready to enjoy the wonders of this versatile plant. Happy gardening!