How Long Do Monsteras Live: 7 Factors To Make It Live Longer

The answer to how long do Monsteras live depends on several factors, such as the growing conditions, the care they receive, and the variety of the plant.

how long do monsteras live

Nothing can compare to the beauty and charm of Monstera plants, which make them a perfect choice for any home.

In this article, we will discover their lifespan and how to maintain their health and vigor.

How Long Do Monsteras Plants Live?

Monstera plants, known as perennial bloomers, can live for over 40 years, which is why they are often considered heirloom plants.

However, their lifespan is heavily reliant on suitable growing conditions and proper care.


how long do monsteras live

One of the reasons behind their prolonged lifespan is their ability to go through periods of dormancy.

When conditions are less than ideal, Monstera plants will pause their growth until conditions improve.

This energy-conserving mechanism allows them to thrive for many years.


Monstera plants belong to the Araceae family, with nearly 50 species in existence.

The most common variety is the Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss cheese plant or split-leaf philodendron.

how long do monsteras live

These plants have evolved to withstand challenging jungle conditions, making them resilient and strong.

The iconic holes in their leaves serve as a defense mechanism against heavy rains and strong winds, preventing tearing and damage.

While Monstera plants can reach lengths of 70 feet outdoors, their average indoor height is around 6 feet.

How Far Can Monsteras Plants Live?

Although Monstera plants can live for more than 40 years, they will eventually show signs of aging.

The leaves will wilt and detach, and the stem will become brown and brittle.

It may be painful to observe your plant’s end, but take consolation in knowing that your Monstera has lived a long and joyful life.

On A Bright Side

Luckily, you can propagate your Monstera to create new plants, ensuring its legacy lives on.

Propagation can be done through clippings, which can be rooted in water or soil.

This method allows you to enjoy the presence of Monstera plants in your home for generations to come.

how long do monsteras live

Do Indoor Monstera Plants Live Longer Than Outdoor Ones?

Determining whether indoor or outdoor Monstera plants have a longer lifespan is challenging as it depends on the specific growing conditions and care provided.

However, providing suitable conditions for indoor plants is generally easier compared to outdoor ones.

Indoor plants are less prone to extreme weather conditions and pests.

Consequently, it is possible that an indoor Monstera plant may enjoy a slightly longer lifespan than its outdoor counterpart.


  • Extreme cold or complete lack of light can quickly spell the demise of a Monstera plant, regardless of its location.


how long do monsteras live

It’s worth noting that direct sunlight is not ideal for Monstera plants, as it can cause the leaves to yellow or even scorch.

In tropical zones where Monstera can thrive outdoors year-round, their lifespan may be extended, and they tend to grow taller.


  • If your Monstera resides outdoors, make sure to bring it inside when the temperature drops below 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, as these plants are not tolerant of cold weather.

How Do I Determine My Monstera Plant’s Age?

Leaf Shape

The age of a Monstera plant can be gauged by observing the shape of its leaves. Baby Monstera plants have small heart-shaped leaves without any holes.

Plants that are 1-3 years old will have young fenestrations, while fully mature plants have large leaves that may develop multiple sets of fenestrations.

how long do monsteras live


Height can also provide insight into a Monstera plant’s age.

A healthy Monstera typically grows 1 to 2 feet per year, or roughly one-third of an inch each day.

Measuring its height during the first 5 to 7 years can help estimate its age.

Outdoor plants may grow even taller and exhibit signs of maturity beyond 7 years.

How Many Years Does Monstera Grow?

The growth duration of Monstera plants varies based on their living conditions.

Generally, an indoor Monstera plant will grow to approximately six feet in height within three years before stabilizing.

However, there isn’t a straightforward answer to how long Monstera plants take to grow.

how long do monsteras live

Each plant’s growth trajectory is unique, even if sourced from the same place as a friend’s plant.

Monstera plants continuously produce new leaves throughout their lifespan, but the growth rate slows as they mature.

Young plants in various growth stages can rapidly produce new leaves every couple of weeks.

What May Affect Growth

Multiple factors influence a plant’s growth, such as healthy drainage, nutritious soil, proper sunlight, and a consistent water source.

When meeting these requirements consistently, Monstera plants typically grow at a rate of one to two feet per year, translating to roughly 13.1 millimeters of growth per day.

In their natural habitat, Monstera plants’ wild relatives can reach staggering heights of 70 feet or more.

how long do monsteras live

Do Monsteras Go Dormant?

Yes, Monstera plants often go dormant during the winter months as a natural part of their life cycle.

It is normal for growth to slow down or even halt during this period, and the plant may shed some leaves.

Dormancy allows the Monstera to conserve energy and adapt to low temperatures and reduced sunlight.

When spring arrives, and temperatures rise, your Monstera will resume growth, producing new leaves and vines.


If you want your plant to continue growing during the winter, consider moving it to a sunnier spot in your home or using grow lights to simulate sunlight.

However, avoid fertilizing during the winter, as this can shock the plant due to slower nutrient uptake.

how long do monsteras live

How to make your Monstera plant live longer: 7 Essentials

By providing proper care and meeting the plant’s needs, you can ensure a long and healthy life for your Monstera. Here are some essential tips:

  1. Make sure your Monstera has adequate light

Monstera plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. Insufficient light can result in smaller leaves, yellowing, or brown spots.

If the plant receives too much direct light, it may get sunburnt.

Consider adjusting its location or using a sheer curtain to filter the light and extend your plant’s lifespan.

  1. Give your Monstera enough water

Monstera plants love water but dislike sitting in it, as it can lead to root rot.

Maintain a balance by watering approximately once a week or allowing the top inch of soil to dry out before the next watering.

Well-draining soil is crucial for their overall health.

how long do monsteras live
  1. Prune any yellow or dead leaves

Periodic pruning helps keep Monstera plants healthy.

Remove any dead, yellowing, or diseased leaves to prevent the spread of diseases and protect the rest of the plant.

Pruning is best done during the growing season, ensuring sufficient time for the plant to recover before winter.

Use sanitized scissors for the task.

  1. Give fertilizer as needed

Fertilizers can enhance Monstera plant growth and lifespan by promoting leaf production.

However, avoid over-fertilization, which can damage the roots. During the growing months, use an all-purpose or Monstera-specific fertilizer.

Avoid fertilizing during winter, as the slowed nutrient uptake can lead to fertilizer buildup in the soil.

how long do monsteras live
  1. Dust your plant regularly

To ensure proper photosynthesis and prevent yellowing leaves, regularly dust your plant’s leaves using a soft cloth.

Dust buildup can impede the carbon dioxide-to-oxygen conversion process and attract pests and diseases.

  1. Keep an eye on humidity levels

Monstera plants originate from tropical environments and thrive in humidity levels between 60% and 80%.

Maintain moisture retention and plant health by gently misting the leaves once a week.

Placing the plant on a pebble tray or using a humidifier can also increase humidity. Ensure the leaves do not dry out despite the increased humidity.

how long do monsteras live
  1. Repot your plant occasionally

Prevent root binding by repotting your Monstera plant every couple of years.

Moving it to a larger pot provides ample room for root growth, allowing better water and nutrient absorption.

Use fresh potting mix and a clean pot during repotting to prevent diseases and pests.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips and providing your Monstera plant with the care it deserves, you can enjoy its beauty and presence for many years.

Remember that each plant is unique, and it’s essential to adapt your care routine based on its specific needs.