Will My Peace Lily Turn White Again: 3 Scenarios

Will my peace lily turn white again? My once pristine peace lily emerged with a green-ish hue, and I waited forever for it to shed the color off.

will my peace lily turn white again

But nothing happened. So, if you are like me – seeing green peace lilies, know that the flower will perish while still remaining green.

In some cases, it might not be able to produce much white lily any longer. Yup, that’s true.

But can you prevent it? As a peace lily enthusiast who has done countless research and experimenting around, my answer is, it depends. Keep reading to find out why.

3 Reasons Behind Green Peace Lily Flowers

will my peace lily turn white again

You’ve Overfed It

You’ve heard it right, one potential culprit might be lurking in the soil – an excess of fertilizer.

When a peace lily receives too much fertilizer, particularly nitrogen-rich varieties, it can trigger a peculiar transformation in its flowers. 

Instead of maintaining their characteristic snowy white hue, the blooms start to adopt shades of green, signaling an imbalance in the nutrient intake.

Fertilizer, while essential for plant growth, requires a delicate balance. 

When overapplied, especially in the case of a peace lily, it can lead to an abundance of foliage at the expense of vibrant, white flowers. 

The excessive nitrogen prompts excessive leafy growth while inhibiting the development of the classic, ivory-colored blooms.

But This Is Fixable!

will my peace lily turn white again

To rectify this issue, consider adjusting your fertilization routine. 

Cut back on the frequency and dosage of fertilizer, allowing the peace lily to rebalance its nutrient uptake. 

Additionally, flushing the soil with water can help leach out excess nutrients.

Observing a peace lily’s flowers turn green due to excessive fertilizer serves as a gentle reminder that moderation is key in plant care. 

By fine-tuning your fertilization practices, you can restore the plant’s natural beauty, ensuring a healthier and more harmonious growth cycle for your cherished peace lily.

It Has Been Basking In The Sun For Too Long

will my peace lily turn white again

Peace lilies, known for thriving in shade, showcase an intriguing phenomenon: their flowers can shift to green. 

While bright indirect light promotes more blooms, it can hasten the color change. 

This transformation is an adaptive response, ensuring energy allocation for seed production and the plant’s survival. 

And It Is Still Fixable 

For lush blooms, position peace lilies in bright, but indirect, spots. Try to pay caution against direct sunlight to prevent leaf scorching also.

The Unfixable Cause

will my peace lily turn white again

Because this is the plant’s perfectly natural occurrence, the flower turns green as it reaches its later stage of life.

In the botanical drama of peace lilies, the shift from pristine white to lush green serves a critical purpose: photosynthesize. 

As the peace lily’s flower transitions, it metamorphoses into a leaf-like structure, laden with chlorophyll. 

This green hue signifies a dual role – attracting pollinators and becoming a photosynthetic powerhouse. 

By harnessing the sun’s energy, the peace lily ensures robust seed development, laying the foundation for the next generation. 

Should You Trim Green Peace Lily Flowers?

Trimming green peace lily flowers is not necessary since they continue to photosynthesize and contribute energy to the plant.

However, best practices dictate removing any flowers that have turned from green to brown.

Simply follow the stem and cut it back to the base of the plant.

This not only improves the overall appearance of the peace lily but also promotes future flowering.

will my peace lily turn white again

Green Peace Lily In a Nutshell:

  • Peace lily flowers naturally turn green as part of their life cycle to facilitate seed production.
  • Excessive fertilizer can accelerate the color change from white to green, so it’s important to find the right balance.
  • Too much sunlight can speed up the process, although peace lilies tend to flower less frequently in shadier spots.
  • Green peace lily flowers do not regain their white color. Once they turn green, they provide energy for seed development before dying back.
  • While green flowers don’t require trimming, it’s recommended to remove brown flowers at the base of the stem for a healthier and more attractive peace lily.

Now that you understand why peace lily flowers turn green, you can appreciate the natural beauty of this process and ensure your peace lily thrives throughout its life cycle.

Happy gardening with your lovely peace lilies!