Are Succulents Good for Terrariums: Discover the Perfect Plant Picks

Are succulents good for terrariums? Their adaptability and water-retaining capabilities make them ideal for these enclosed environments.

are succulents good for terrariums

Love those adorable, colorful succulents? Who doesn’t?

But picking the perfect ones for your terrarium can be a bit tricky.

Worry not! In this article, you’ll discover the best succulent options and get all the info you need for your terrarium project.

Let’s dive in and pick the perfect plants!

What is a terrarium?

These miniature gardens tucked inside glass or clear plastic containers are a wonder to behold.

Think lush greenery, rocks, pebbles, moss, and maybe even a few adorable figurines. Sealed or partly closed, they create their own tiny ecosystems. 

Now, let’s explore the two main types of these captivating terrariums:

are succulents good for terrariums
  1. Closed Terrariums:
    • Closed terrariums are fully enclosed, creating a sealed environment. The container is closed with a lid or cover, which allows for very little air exchange. This setup mimics a self-sustaining ecosystem where moisture is recycled through condensation. Closed terrariums are typically low-maintenance and can go for extended periods without needing water.
  2. Open Terrariums:
    • Open terrariums are partially closed or have no cover at all. They allow for more air exchange and are generally more suitable for plants that prefer lower humidity levels. Open terrariums can be a bit more high-maintenance than closed ones, as they may require more regular watering.

Terrariums are like little pockets of nature, adding a creative touch to your indoor space.

From small table-sized versions to elaborate setups, there’s a range of designs to choose from.

You can tailor them to look like specific environments, like a mini desert for your succulents or a tropical paradise for ferns and mosses.

are succulents good for terrariums

Are Succulents Good for Terrariums?

At first glance, terrariums and succulent plants seem like a perfect match as if they are born for each other.

Succulent terrariums flood every corner of Pinterest, giving the impression of a harmonious pairing.

Succulents and terrariums go hand in hand beautifully!

Succulents are low-maintenance, super easy to care for, and they offer a bunch of options—different shapes, sizes, and colors—perfect for jazzing up your terrarium.

They’re a fantastic way to add variety and visual appeal to your designs!

But here’s the catch: a true terrarium is a closed ecosystem designed to mimic tropical conditions.

This contradicts the needs of most succulents that thrive in arid conditions. So, to have the best of both worlds, opt for an open terrarium.

This way, your succulents can enjoy the conditions they need without being confined.

are succulents good for terrariums

Also, another tip to have a beautiful terrarium with succulents in long term is to keep in mind these Considerations:

  1. Drainage: Succulents are adapted to well-draining soils, and it’s crucial to ensure that the terrarium has proper drainage. Without it, succulents can be susceptible to root rot.
  2. Light Requirements: Most succulents require bright, indirect sunlight to thrive. Placing a closed terrarium in direct sunlight can lead to excessive heat and potentially harm the plants. Open terrariums with succulents may require more careful placement to provide the necessary light.
  3. Choosing Suitable Varieties: Some succulents are more suitable for terrariums than others. Compact or miniature varieties are generally better choices, as they won’t outgrow the container too quickly.
  4. Plant Selection and Arrangement: When combining succulents in a terrarium, it’s important to consider factors like growth rate, color, and size to create a visually appealing arrangement. Additionally, leaving space for growth is important, as succulents can eventually outgrow their container.
  5. Soil Mix: Go for a good, airy, well-draining mix, like one made for succulents or cacti, to make sure your plants get enough air and don’t drown in too much water.

Succulents are champs in terrariums, but picking the right types and creating the best conditions is key.

Check out our top picks for the best succulents for terrariums below:

are succulents good for terrariums

Best Succulent Plant Picks for Your Terrarium

Now that we’ve clarified the terrarium-succulent duo, let’s dive into the top plant picks that will make your succulent terrarium dreams come true.

1 | Echeveria: A Feast for the Eyes

are succulents good for terrariums

Echeveria, my personal favorite among succulents, offers an abundance of dreamy lilacs, baby blues, and soft mint greens.

Some Echeveria even resemble carved sculptures with their clean lines and creamy, matte surfaces.

This impressive genus has a rosette for every taste and project.

2 | Sedum morganianum ‘Burrito’: Fun and Unique

are succulents good for terrariums

With its chunky string of bubbles appearance, Sedum ‘Burrito’ is the most fun succulent out there.

While young plants are small, mature ones can grow impressively long, resembling a donkey’s tail.

This succulent is perfect for adding contrast to your terrarium, as most succulents are rosette-shaped.

3 | Crassula ovata ‘Minima’: Resilient and Petite

are succulents good for terrariums

A Jade Plant is always a reliable choice. Known for their resilience and tree-like energy, these slow-growing plants can add height to your terrarium.

The ‘Minima’ dwarf variety is especially suitable for terrariums.

4 | Haworthia: The Succulent Punk Rockers

are succulents good for terrariums

Haworthia, the punk rockers of the succulent world, offer unique stripes and spots on their spiky leaf shapes.

With over 100 species and varieties, you’ll find something edgy to suit your taste.

Despite growing in volume, Haworthia tends to stay dainty and is perfect for terrarium projects.

5 | Kalanchoe tomentosa: Soft and Textured

are succulents good for terrariums

Open terrariums have their advantages, one being the ability to touch and enjoy the soft velvety fur of the Panda Plant.

With its fuzzy pale turquoise leaves and chocolate-brown tips, this plant brings texture and mint-choc-chip vibes to your terrarium.

6 | Curio rowleyanus: Luxurious Pearls

are succulents good for terrariums

A succulent vine is a must-have for your terrarium, and nothing screams luxury more than pearls.

Curio rowleyanus, also known as String of Pearls, features vivid green bead-shaped leaves attached to a central string.

Use it as ground cover or allow it to cascade from the glassware.

7 | Sempervivum: Colorful and Vibrant

are succulents good for terrariums

Who said we were done with food and animal references? Sempervivum, also known as Hens and Chicks or Houseleek, adds a touch of humor to your terrarium.

With vibrant colors and striking leaf tips, these succulents are a delight. There are around 40 known species, but more varieties are waiting to be discovered.

Closed Terrariums and Peperomia: A Surprising Combination

While closed terrariums may not be ideal for most succulents, Peperomia is a perfect exception.

Although not typically considered succulents, some Peperomia species have plump leaves that resemble succulents.

They originated in tropical rainforest floors, making them compatible with other terrarium plants that prefer indirect light and a humid environment.

As a tropical plant enthusiast, I’m always eager to explore exciting succulents. What’s your favorite succulent for terrariums? Let us know in the comments!